About the Book

Five years ago, Nicole Brennan made a mistake that affected not just her but those close to her. A year later, when she was at her lowest, someone helped her to see that she mattered and to find her way to a faith that she had for so long denied.

Now, four years later, with a nursing degree under her belt, Nicole sets out to reconcile with her former mother-in-law, Deborah. When an angry, bitter woman answers the door and lashes out at her, delivering devastating news, Nicole leaves in tears but decides to make one more attempt to reach out to Deborah the next morning. She arrives and finds the front door ajar and the older woman collapsed on the floor from a stroke. After a two-week stay in the hospital, Deborah comes homeā€”and Nicole stays to take care of her so that she can avoid going to a rehab facility. As they settle in to a new routine, Deborah realizes that she needs to let go of the bitterness in her heart if she wants to move forward. Forgiving Nicole is a big part of that, but can she do so?

In this novel, a woman seeking forgiveness from her ex-mother-in-law becomes her caregiver following a stroke, changing both their lives forever.